"I was looking for a way to enhance my son's learning and development while giving him an opportunity to grow socially. Kindermusik has exceeded my expectations! The clsses are inviting, engaging, and leave a lasting impression on even the youngest child. My son looks forward to the weekly classes, monthly themes and fun activities...I highly recommend Miss Samantha's Kindermusik classes to anyone looking for a wonderful way to connect with your child while fostering a love of music and learning!" C.T., Kindermusik Mom

Kindermusik is for everyone.


 Welcome to a magical musical world.

The best part of your day is yet to be. Imagine time spent with your child singing joyfully, moving playfully, connecting with each other and those around you in a warm, inviting space where music abounds. Hear the giggles and see the smiles as we embark on a magical, musical journey laying a strong foundation for your precious child. It's never too late to begin.


It's for babies and young toddlers exploring everything for the first time... 

Click here for Level 1 Classes for 0's and 1's. 



 It's for toddlers finding their independence...

Click here for Level 2 Classes for 2's and 3's.




It's for preschoolers sharing ideas as their imaginations take off... 

Click here for Level 3 Classes ages 3.5-5.5 years


It's for families with multiples who want to make memories and music together...

Click here for Mixed Ages Classes 6 months-5.5 years. 


It's for big kids ready to take their first step into the magical world of playing instruments... Click here for Level 4 Classes ages 5-6 years.


 It's for big kids ready to complete their Kindermusik journey...

Click here for Level 5 Classes ages 5-7 years.

And it's for a little something extra special to help raise money for extra special people.

Click here for Playdates with a Purpose ages 6 months-7 years.

And Kindermusik is for you.

We believe the best start in every child's life is a musical one! Through Kindermusik each child is encouraged to grow, sing, move, discover, explore and play. From the moment we say hello, we care about getting know you and your child so we can focus on what makes them special and determine the best approach for their optimal learning and enjoyment. We are committed to creating a learning environment where you and your children feel connected, safe, valued, nurtured and a home. Your family is our family.

Miss Samantha has been sharing the Kindermusik love and learning with families since she opened her Butler studio in 2003 and additionally with those in her newly opened Mars studio in Fall 2018. We are passionate that every child deserves to experience music at their own developmental level and at their own pace. With every class, we share important information with you about your child's developmental milestones and celebrate your child's growing confidence in themselves. You will be confident in knowing you made the right choice. 

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DID YOU KNOW? We are so proud to be 1 of the top 100 Kindermusik Programs in the country and 1 of the top 200 in the world. Come see why. We believe Kindermusik is the best enrichment program out there and care deeply about bringing the magic to you.