Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join?

Join anytime. It’s effortless. We will prorate your first month of class and then set up monthly payments.  

When are classes?

Our classes run the first week after Labor and meet weekly through the third week of May, with the exception of Thanksgiving, Winter and Easter Breaks. 

What if we miss a class?

Life happens. We know! If for some reason you miss your regularly scheduled class, you are invited to make up in any one of our other age appropriate classes at any of our locations while you are enrolled, regardless of where you regularly attend. All you need to do is sign into your account with us and choose "make up" to schedule the class, day and time you want to make up your missed class. Easy peasy! We have a flexible makeup policy inviting Kindermusik families to schedule a makeup for any and all missed classes while you are enrolled. No refunds or discounts will be given for missed classes. Please note that make ups can only be done while actively enrolled. Once you have paused or finished the year with us, all make-ups are foregone.

How does payment work?

Kindermusik fees are set up as simply as possible. Monthly charges do not reflect a certain number of classes in a month. Some months have more weeks than others, but the materials fees and tuition are added up for the year and divided by 9 months to offer simplicity in payments. If you stay the whole 9 months, you will get more than your money’s worth. Included in the School Year are free classes, special events and more. We offer the ease and convenience of most major credit cards. Payments are automatically generated between the 1st-3rd of every month.

What if I need to pause my enrollment?

We hope that you will love Kindermusik so much that you will never leave, but if you must “pause” enrollment, simply email Miss Samantha by the 15th of the month (“Change in Enrollment” in the Subject Line) to pause for the next month; we will open up your space to a new family and you may rejoin whenever it works out where space is available. We cannot guarantee space in a particular class once you pause, so sometimes is makes sense to stay enrolled and take advantage of makeup classes to be sure to have your class space!

Is it ok if I bring my husband/mother/friend to class with us?

Yes. We love when mommies and daddies can both come! Typically, we have a stronger daddy presence in our evening classes, but they are there and we encourage our fathers to regularly participate. Sometimes grandparents make special appearances and that is ok, too. Just let your teacher know in advance. Some classes may have more space to accommodate extra people than others. It's good to check!

Is it ok if somebody else brings my child to Kindermusik if I can’t personally attend?

YES! We have nannies and grandparents who regularly attend with their Kindermusik kids. This is not unusual. And it carves out special bonding time each week with grandparents. We love that. And if a parent can’t attend one week, they may certainly have someone bring their child in their stead.

How do I access my Kindermusik Digital Materials?

We here at Kindermusik with Samantha Drohan spend countless hours outside of the classroom to make sure you have the most magical, insightful and amazing experience inside the classroom.

We take the time because we care. Make sure once you join that you take the time, too.

  •        Take the time to come to classes consistently. It takes on average 4-5 consistently attended classes for a new student to start picking up on our special classroom routines and rituals. You will be rewarded by seeing your child’s comfort level go up as well as participation.

  •          Take the time to listen to your music with your child. The more familiar you are with your home materials--the music, stories and activities—the richer your classroom experience will be. Promise.

  •          Take the time to be present. You are your child’s number one teacher. When you are in class with your child, you are that and so much more: you are a participant, too. Take advantage of the time with your child to forget about the outside world. Come sing, swing, moo, ooo, sway, play, move and groove along with everyone. Model joy for your child. We love joy….

And we love our Kindermusik families, too.

Come join us.

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