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Pajama Night Level 3 Class

3 1/2 years to 6 years

For this special evening class, we are amping up the magic and inviting kids to come wearing their favoriate pajamas each week if they want! 

Our Level 3 Kindermusik classes are for 3.5's, 4's, and 5's. It's like preschool for music lessons! The first 35 minutes are for just students and teacher. Parents and siblings join in for the last 10 minutes of class.

How do you know your child is ready for Level 3?

*Your child is ready to learn new musical concepts.

We prepare your child to be ready to learn in school. 

*Your child is ready to socialize.

We prepare your child to be ready to socialize in school by working on inhibitory control, personal space, turn taking, listening with respect, and acknowledging others. We create an environment that is nurturing where every child feel safe and valued.

*Your child is ready to sing.

We teach your child to sing on pitch in a very specific range that is ideal for their young voice, as well as work on increased singing and speaking range.

*Your child is ready for the next step in their musical study.

We provide musical study on a variety of musical terms: timbre, musical form, dynamics, tempo, glissando, steady beat, major and minor modes, ensemble, melodic direction.

We provide musical study with abstract musical concepts that develop abstract thinking skills, expressive speaking, and creative expression, such as: vocal development, ensemble development, rhythmic awareness, structured dances, creative movement, etc.

These musical experiences will also prepare your child for success in school so that they will be ready for their next educational challenge. 

New units every month!

Try turning your phone sideways for more detail...

Day & Time Unit Ages Teacher Location Price  
Thu at 6:50 PM starts 9/15/22 Monthly Unit Themes 3.5-6 Miss Alice Heritage Professional Building $65.00/m Register!
We have a brand new streaming service. Once enrolled, you have unlimited access to ALL our Level 3 music! Once you are ready to pause or move on, you will receive a "Best Of" digital home album to keep!